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Axe Grind Testimonial:


I worked as General Manager at Sound Metrics (SMC) for 4 years.  After a thorough vetting of several design groups, we chose Axe Grind.  They were (and continue to be) the go-to source for all things with graphical design.  During that time, growth was fast and furious.  I cannot imagine Sound Metrics without Axe Grind.  They became integral for many business decisions.  If you are comfortable leaving design decisions to others, Axe Grind will give you superb service with designs that reflect the latest trends.  You will be ahead of the curve.


However, if you are a hands-on person, you really need Axe Grind.  We muddled with everything.  We challenged Axe Grind with such minutia that it became almost comical.  And it would have been had we given them time, but invariably we needed it done yesterday.  Herein is Axe Grind’s greatest talent – patience, understanding and the ability to continually give excellent service when under pressure and without clear direction.


There have been many times we discussed a perceived need without knowing what we really wanted.  Axe Grind would provide a variety of options giving us the opportunity to eventually flush out what we felt would work best.


Axe Grind developed the SMC website (, sales brochures, technical data sheets, price sheets, business cards, homogeneous business forms, trade show graphics  – everything needed for a fledgling start-up to grow into a multi-million dollar business.


Since leaving Sound Metrics and continuing my consulting business (, Axe Grind has been my source for graphical design.  I highly recommend them.




Richard Morris



Cell:  425.417.5556