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July 28, 2015



Axe Grind Studios

16420 N Thompson Peak Pkwy


Scottsdale, AZ 85260


RE: Testimonial


To Management:


Blackstone Partners, LLC has been a client of Axe Grind Studios since January 1, 2014.  During our initial engagement Axe Grind Studios created the branding, logo design and initial market research relating to the complex growth strategy of the company. After the successful completion and implementation of our initial engagement we contacted Axe Grind Studios in order to enter the second phase of our engagement. Phase two of our engagement was the custom design, content creation and development of our website This engagement was executed timely and the Axe Grind Studios team was involved in every step, making sure that every detail was properly addressed.  The last engagement that we contracted Axe Grind Studios to do was the SEO, Adwords and social media marketing. We are launching our new campaign on August 15, 2015 and to this point have been extremely impressed with the knowledge and efficiency in the detailed planning phase of this engagement.


Throughout the entire business relationship we have found that Axe Grind Studios has the unique ability to provide the highest quality in a diversified area of services. The strength of the company is the opportunity to work directly with the owners who ensure that the level of standards are met on each and every engagement. Over the course of doing business Blackstone Partners, LLC has recommended the services of Axe Grind Studios to a couple of clients and they were able to exceed the expectations on a consistent basis.





Steven M. Gelley, CPA

Blackstone Partners, LLC